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Baby Plus (Prenatal Education)

Our patented prenatal curriculum is designed to strengthen your baby’s learning capabilities with naturally derived audio lessons. For your child, BabyPlus starts developing the baby’s unlimited potential in your womb, the developmental benefits of BabyPlus lasts a lifetime.



Flashcard activities help to enhance the memory system. Our word flashcards contain words, couplets, phrases and sentences designed by right brain education specialists. The size and layout take into consideration the physical and neurological development of a newborn child and are suitable for a child aged 4 months to 6 years. Children enjoy themselves and feel stimulated when they learn to read with the aid of these cards. Each set comes with complete multilingual instructions.


KinderU Music Bundle

KinderU Music Bundle consists of 108 weeks of single instrumental music pieces with around 500 songs selected from 31 CDs, personally designed by Mrs. Betty Ho, which targets listening, tone and pitch, and rhythm exercises. The curriculum of the music bundle is based on research on the scientific benefits of music on the brain.


Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test

The Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test is based on Dermatoglyphics, a research on the shape and number of ridges found in your fingerprints, by processing the distribution of the amount and pattern of neurons which reflects the learning potential of each individual. Mrs Ho will then analyse the results accordingly, enabling parents to learn more about the innate learning styles and thinking patterns of children / person(s) analysed.

KinderU emphasizes the importance of understanding children’s innate traits and learning styles in order to teach parents how to guide their children to develop their multiple intelligences according to their strengths and weaknesses. We will arrange a meeting when the report is ready. Mrs Ho will explain the report and give professional advice and recommendations for children’s development, learning styles and family relationship.


Biofield Forming Products


Car-Rayex has frequencies that target both high and low frequency fields to strengthen us on the road or during travel.


Elo-Rayex strengthens us against electric cables and appliances which produce alternating electromagnetic fields including TVs, computers and extension cords.


HF-Rayex strengthens us to higher frequency fields from cordless phones, WiFi, blue tooth, baby monitors and mobile phone towers.


Mini-Rayonex stimulates cell production of energy to help us maintain normal regulatory mechanisms. It helps with sleep, produces a calming effect, and speeds up wound healing.

Mini 5G

Mini 5G emits 2 fundamental frequency values that boost normal cell metabolism to increase ATP (adenosine triphosphate), while cell biological test series showed an increase in the cell activity (metabolism) of up to 45 % in 24 hours, enabling wound healing to increase by 20% in three days. The other frequency targets our weakness to 5G radiation. The combination can help us stay energetic while calm even when bombarded by 5G. The device is effective within a 2-metre radius.

Duplex IV & the Rayonators

It is found that while we are weakened by long-term exposure to geopathic stresses and man-made electromagnetic fields, there are selected frequencies that provide a strengthening, compensatory effect. These frequencies are integrated into a dipole antenna system within the Duplex IV and the Rayonators, which perpetually emit beneficial energy that strengthens our cells and organs.

5G Rayonator

5G Rayonator is aimed at strengthening us against 5G radiation, with 10 fundamental frequency values.  This device needs to be connected to a Duplex or a detector and should not be used on its own. Once connected to the Duplex, the emission range of the Rayonator is amplified and provides greater protection against 5G EMF. If connected to a fabric detector, the energy can directly reach the person through contact with the detector.


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