C hildren learn best between the age of 0-6 years when they experience through all their senses – visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory and gustatory. KinderU offers fun-filled activities promoting early brain and physical development, creating a sensory rich environment of various textures, sounds and objects to stimulate a baby’s senses.


Our programmes are based on the philosophies of renowned right brain specialists and designed to provide the ideal education environment by engaging the children in activities that stimulate their brain growth appropriate to their developmental stages. We also thrive to develop the multiple intelligence of children by offering them an innate multiple intelligence assessment.


We have all the materials needed for the stimulation of the right brain, i.e. flashcards, pictures and dot cards, that are important for the development of imaging, counting and calculating abilities of the right brain. We also use music, rich colours, and log rolls, tactile balls, vestibular bowls, balance equipment.


We also have special age-appropriate vestibular equipment for younger children, designed to build upper body strength and balls designed to practice balance and body control as well as tactile stimulation balls. For older children, we have hoops, balance beams, balls and more to help to develop your child’s motor skills.


KinderU is owned and operated by a professional organization that also operates one kindergarten and nursery (Rightmind International Nursery and Kindergarten, please see www.rmkg.org) in Hong Kong. We have a thorough understanding of the mental and physical growth of children.



Our vision is to become the world’s leading elite early education institution by educating our students to become excellent in academia and virtues.


Our mission is to be a force for good, exemplifying traditional values as a foundation, to nurture kindness and academia and advocate respect for parents, love for siblings, diligence, trust, love and justice to empower children to be angels in the lives of others.


Address: UG/F, Tower 26-28, South Horizons, Phase 4
Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong
(behind sound barrier on Lei Nam Road)
Tel: (852) 2554 7576
Fax: (852) 2875 0454